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Howard Hunt

CEO and Founder of The Dustcloud In 2012 – 2013, The Dustcloud staged urban games in the streets of Prague using GPS/GMS transceivers and electronic smart guns (called Dusters). Triangulation of player locations was inaccurate, so they incorporated RFID and iBeacon technology, before developing map-based phone apps for iOS and Android tracking. For Sony, the Dustcloud  have developed an Augmented Reality version of their game for the Smart Eyeglass…


Catherine Weadick Daly

Catherine Weadick Daly is Marketing Manager for FCR Media Ireland and goldenpages.ie. Catherine has over 10 years’ experience in global and tech marketing on both B2B and B2C levels and specialised in SME advertising and loyalty product development . In 2011, Catherine lead a cross European /US team which produced the world’s first Yellow Pages Directory, enhanced with AR. With a 3 month lead…


Enara Artetxe González

The latest speaker to our fantastic line-up for the European Augmented Reality Marketing Conference is Enara Artetxe González – Co-founder & CTO of CreativiTIC Innova In 2011 Gonzales co-founded CreativiTIC Innova – www.creativitic.es – a R&D factory with ongoing national and FP7 projects that works with Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies to offer innovative and creative solutions in fields such as education, bio-health, marketing and tourism….


Gerben Harmsen

Gerben Harmsen – Founder of twnkls / augmented reality – After a successful 18 years of setting up internet companies and managing online projects Gerben moved to a new business opportunity in the combined areas of Mobile, Real time 3D and Augmented Reality. He feels in “optima forma” when dealing with projects that integrate useful concepts, user-friendly interaction, innovative technical science and drive new…


Andy Wise

Andy Wise, Strategic Director Engine Creative For the past 3 years Andy has been helping Engine Creative to establish themselves as the leading Augmented Reality agency in the UK. The creative agency has delivered AR solutions for clients including Top Gear, Tesco and Lacoste and is currently using their experience to develop Reality Engine, a unique AR publishing solution for brands. Engine Creative is…

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Eoghan O’ Sullivan

Eoghan O Sullivan is the Founder and CEO of Von Bismark. Eoghan has a B.Sc. in Multimedia from DCU and has built a career in 3D visualisation, image manipulation and interface design. Having previously cofounded digital agency Pixel Lab in 2005 he went on to co-found Tender3D in 2009, a global marketplace for 3D talent in 2009. Over 1,600 of the best 3D artists and animators signed…


Manuel Saez

Manuel Saez, Director – Mobility Innovation Center, EMEA & DACH Solutions, SAP. Manuel is the: leader of a team working on cutting edge mobile technologies that showcase the power of the SAP Mobile Platform. Manuel set-up his team when he joined SAP in 2011 and together they have delivered numerous application prototypes with technologies including Augmented reality, 3D visualization, advanced geo-location services, integrated mobile…

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Richard Tisdall

Richard Tisdall, Director @ Happy Finish Happy Finish is a global creative production studio of digital artists and interactive specialists of which Richard has been at the forefront of since it’s set up just over 10 years ago. Working directly with brands, agencies & photographers, the company crafts creative visual content across a multitude of medias including Print, Digital, Interactive and now Virtual and…


Dr. Kavin Andi

In 2012 Kavin was awarded the Norman Rowe Clinical Prize by the British Association of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon for his research in Augmented Reality, Surgical Robotics, and 3D Surgical Planning. His research and practices have been life-saving as is demonstrated here. Kavin has his own website where he explores some of the more advanced technologies behind the operating room. In his presentation to…

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Augmented Reality and Hospitality

One of today’s hottest technology trends is the use of augmented and virtual reality. Recent news of impending product launches by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Sony have propelled interest. Firstly, let’s understand what’s meant by the terminology. Augmented Reality ( AR ) involves overlaying digital information on the real-world view of people. This can be achieved using an app on a mobile phone or…